best. weekend. ever.

i had a most fabulous weekend. i didn't want it to end. why did it have to end??

first of all, i was off work on friday. the sun was shining. the birds were singing. i met my girls for peach margaritas, chips and salsa. my favorite drink, my favorite snack, two of my favorite people and even a little bit of shopping after. need i say more?

friday night the bf and i watched a movie at home, and then saturday morning the we slept in. we had a nice little late morning romp, after which the bf took me out for my favorite meal...crab legs! i could eat crab legs every day for the rest of my life. i'd be swollen as hell from the salt, but i'd be happy. yum!

we made plans to head to minneapolis for the twins baseball game later that day, so after lunch we headed out shopping for minnesota twins shirts! i found a really cute red nike polo shirt at scheels, although i really wanted to buy the t-shirt we found at penny's that made me look like i had double d's and made the bf's eyes pop out of his head. i think i'll sneak back there and buy that one, just to wear at home. *wink*

we decided to take the light rail from the MOA to the dome for the game. this was the first ride for both of us. apparently many others had the same idea, the train was absolutely packed! thank God we got on first and had seats to sit in. there were people standing in the aisles throughout the whole train. you literally could have shoved one and watched the rest fall down like a bunch of dominoes. yes, i was able to resist the urge to push one. barely. i got a little motion sickness, and had a hard time with the germ factor. but it was fun anyway.

the twins game was a total blast! we had awesome, lower level seats. the twins won 12-5! and let's face it, those boys are pretty easy on the eyes. hunter, mauer, morneau, cuddyer...mmm mmm mmm.

it. was. perfect.

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