i heart my bf

i broke my phone saturday night. dropped it on the floor in my sister's entryway. broken beyond all hope of repair. i hated that damn phone, but it was my lifeline to the world. i don't have a landline anymore, haven't for over a year. how was anyone going to get in touch with me? let me know when i won that 1 million sweepstakes?

so yesterday i went all day without a phone. the kiddos and i drove to the twin cities for my nephew's birthday party. i felt weird without the phone. naked.

bf didn't go with me to the party. he stayed home and hung out with his kids. 

last night after i got home and put the kids to bed, bf was acting funny. he picked up his phone and dialed. i could hear a muffled ringing coming from our bed. i reached under the pillow and found this:

i really, really heart my bf.


did i also mention that the house was wonderfully clean when i got home? and the laundry was almost done?

i really, really, really, really heart my bf.

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