to party or not to party, that is the question

my little sis invited me to a "concert" tonight. i use the term concert loosely because it is at the fineline in downtown minneapolis. does that count as a concert? hell, maybe it does. or is it technically a "show"? i'm not well versed in such matters. i can count on one hand the number of concerts i have been to. 

we are going to see bob schneider. i no nothing of this man or his music. all i know is that i heard my sweet goodie goodie (or so i thought) little sis bellowing his dirty lyrics in a very inebriated state from the back seat of my car on halloween night. i never even thought she knew such words!

i have had very little opportunity in my life to party with my sister. for many years we were sort of arch enemies. she is only 18 months younger than me.  in the last few years my sis and i have finally connected. i am the godmother of her one year old son. she is the godmother of my son.  i have cried on her shoulder and she on mine. rarely though, have we gone out and really partied together. tonight is the perfect opportunity. what's the holdup, you ask?

1. we have the kids this weekend. if i go, i am leaving the bf home with four kids tonight. alone.

2. my sis lives over an hour away. the concert will be done late. i'll have to spend the night on her couch.

3. there is the possibilty of an extreme hangover. and then having to drive home and spend time with four kids.

4. bf just had a HUGE fallout with his ex. maybe i should stay home and lend him a sympathetic ear tonight?

i always waffle on these issues. i am sort of a homebody. things like this come up and sound fun, but i always drag my feet, finding reasons not to go. maybe it's because there is so much go, go, go in my life. i just want to relax! but when i force myself to just GO, i nearly always have a good time. so, go you say. to hell with the waffling. just do it.

and i say...okay. fine. i will.

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