just another reason not to shop at wal-mart...

i was forced to wal-mart shop last night.  really, i was.  target was closed.  hy-vee was stocking their shelves and had boxes all over the aisles.  it was late at night, but i needed to get the weeks groceries due to the fact that i procrastinated in shopping for them all weekend long.  so, off to wal-mart i went.

there are many social, moral and yes, i admit, even uppity reasons that i don't generally frequent my local wal-mart store.  i am reminded of these reasons every time i set foot in the door.  the biggest being that i feel so lowly supporting sam walton, a man who may give us low low prices but who also gives his employees matching low low wages and benefits.

i don't know about the store near you, but ours is never clean.  i seriously feel unsanitary buying my food there.  i absolutely refuse to purchase my produce there, if nothing else.  and in keeping with the unsanitary conditions and low low prices, the service naturally is sub par as well.  something inevitably gets left behind every single time i go, despite my best efforts to make sure it doesn't happen.

last night's casualties?  some chocolate chips.  and when i got home and looked at my receipt i saw i had been charged twice for a box of crackers.  i'm not saying mistakes don't happen at other places.  it's just that when they happen every other time i shop in a store...well, the low low prices don't mean a damn thing.

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Worker Mommy said...

Ok, you're so going to hate me for saying this but even with it's lowly practices I've been known to frequent Wal-Mart. Mostly for toiletries or cheap toys for kids...but dammit I'm guilty.
And they just built a new nice one not to far from my home. I suppose when it gets all scuzzy and nasty and stank like all the others I'll stop going.