so, i have decided i am getting my mba. which means i'm pretty much giving up a social life for, oh...the next two and a half years or so. but, the good thing is that i have definitely found my niche career-wise. i have found what excites and motivates me. it's marketing, product management specifically. i love love love it. i have gained a lot of marketing experience over the last few years, and this "new" job is exactly what i've been looking for. but in today's economy, i want to insure that i remain "employable".  and i worry that my bachelor's in social work just isn't going to cut it, not even with my experience. so, i applied to some schools. schools that have reputable online programs. schools that are "brick and mortar" based that happen to have an online mba program. schools where i don't have to list "online degree" on my resume. it doesn't look easy. the admissions process is a pain. but i'm thinking it all might just be worth it. 

also, since i'll be going to school online, i just HAD to purchase this:

and then of course i also needed this:

ahhh...come to me my sweet little mac laptop, i am anxiously awaiting your arrival. ; )

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dinesh said...

Go for DELL its good I used HP and Toshiba I had some problems with them and Acer is low quality.
Go to dell's website and build yourself a laptop, but it all depends on what are you going to use it for? People may argue, butthose are the highest sellers in the world. You have other brands, Acer is one for affordability. After that, find your desired price range and browse. Its hard to give you hardware suggestions with out knowing what you want to do with it.

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