thank you, mr. marlboro man, thank you.

i'm not sure what it is.  is it aging?  karma?  my past smoking habit?  God's idea of a little joke? what the H am i talking about? well, just you let me explain...

my lungs hiss.  i first noticed this several months ago when i was doing a particular new exercise video.  it basically required "standing" sit ups.  you put your hands behind your head and bend from side to side.  it was then that i first heard the hissing sound leaking out of my mouth.  it wasn't so much a wheezing sound as an odd hiss.  further into the video i got, i realized that anything requiring me to bend from side to side produced the same odd sound. that's about all it was though, an odd sound.  i didn't really feel any different, but it did freak me out.  i eventually got out of the exercise habit because of a little thing called winter.  there was no hissing.

i started doing my regular strength training video again a couple of weeks ago.  there are a few moves that are creating that same hissing sound.  this never used to happen during this exercise.  the video doesn't require a lot of aerobic activity, but anything working my chest makes that horrible sound.

a couple of days ago i started throwing in a cardio workout in addition to the strength training. the harder i work the more i am hearing "the sound".  my lungs seem like they burn more than usual, but i'm not sure if that's because of something medical or just because i am out of shape from the long winter.  i can take deep breaths and not hear it at all.  it's just particular exercise moves that make it happen.

my question is, wtf is this?  have i developed asthma in my old age?  it doesn't seem like asthma.  i mean, i'm definitely not having an "attack" like i've seen and heard from asthmatic people i know.  do i have effing emphysema due to my past smoking habit?  (i quit over two years ago but smoked from age 17 to age 29.  eek.)  still, seems like i'm too young for that yet.  

i'm baffled.  i suppose i should haul my butt in to the doctor.  but  i also have this weird thing about not wanting to go in until my weight is down a few more pounds.  i am currently 10 pounds away from my ideal and about 5 from my "i can deal with it" weight.  this may not seem like much but it means some of my pants don't fit.  and it will be devastating to see that number on the doctor's scale.  makes is more official, or something.  i'm an extra freak about it ever since i lost the 30ish pounds three years ago.

my question is, has anyone experienced anything like this?  does anyone have asthma?  know anyone who has experienced anything like this?  i'm just not ready for the doctor quite yet...


Whiskeymarie said...

I have bad allergies and get this sometimes.
I would still go in and get it checked out. You wouldn't want to find out that you're asthmatic the hard way. Better to be informed than not.

Angie said...

eh. after i posted this someone else i know mentioned they have the same issue. i'm guessing it's my stupid allergies too. just a fun new symptom to keep things exciting! ; )

Phani said...

I had the same issue. Its jus the lings getting compressed by the ribs and letting the air out when you bend sideways. You only hear it when your mouth is open and and you do not hear it when closed. Meaning, you hear the hissing sound of the air comming out of the lungs only when the passage from the mouth are clear and open. I do not think there is anything to worry, but if you are concerned, you should go see the doctor.

Good luck and let me know if the doctor said anything different as i did not visit the doctor for this issue and i noticed this several years ago.