random monday thoughts

1. my child is in the local paper today: http://www.mankatofreepress.com/local/local_story_105010351.html
(bottom picture)

2. i am not ready for the work week. i want to be home laying in bed with my new macbook.

3. it's freezing at my desk.

4. i want some chocolate.

5. i am impatient to hear back from the college i am hoping to get in to for my mba. school starts in 14 days. i need to KNOW!

6. i don't want my new pc with vista at work. i'd gladly take back my slow mac from TOG!

7. i was pretty crabby saturday night, sorry to all who witnessed it.

8. only 7 hours and 45 minutes till quitting time...


Maurey Pierce said...

MBA School? I am jealous!!!! Best of luck! Details please!

Angie said...

scroll down a bit or use this link:

for some details on the mba. i am starting to think i'm a glutton for punishment, but time will tell!