random thoughts

to the lady in the target aisle yelling at her kids for relentlessly asking for "stuff":
i feel your pain!

to the lady in the target bathroom stall noisily relieving her bowels:
was it really necessary to sigh and groan too?

to the clearly ten years younger waitress at dinner:
calling me sweetie and honey will most definitely not increase your tip.

to the man at the restaurant who slipped me his phone number on the back of a napkin band:
are you serious?

to my very sassy, bratty daughter at dinner tonight:
yes, my threats are often hollow.  but you never know when you might catch me on a bad day. don't test me.

to my darling children:
what kind of kids don't eat french fries?  seriously.  what planet are you from?

to mother nature:
a little sun and warmth for SPRING would be nice, beotch.

to anyone bothering to read this:
that's all i've got.  peace out.


Whiskeymarie said...

What's up with the noisy poopers at Target? Seriously- I myself have experienced this twice. I don't think I've ever peed so fast in my life just to get the heck out of there and away from an obviously uncomfortable situation.

Angie said...

ack! i know! try being in there trying to prod two pokey children to hurry the eff up already so we can get out of there already! ugh.

Maurey said...

Sometimes is IS necessary to sigh and groan, girls.