eye of my tiger

one has to wonder...ten years from now when today's children are dating, will there be an over-abundance of embarrassing videos to show to their perspective mates? methinks this may be the case.


Maurey said...

Your kids are so darn cute. Pretty good "grrrrrrrr!"

Angie said...

Yeah...gotta love how he hams it up when he realizes he's being filmed!

p.s. spend a little time with them and you may not think they are very cute. ; )

Worker Mommy said...

Don't you love the potential black mail videos and pics!

The tiger is pretty darn cute! Does he always run around w/tiger face paint or was this a special occasion ? ;)

Angie said...

Yes, I am amassing quite the collection of future blackmail material. I think our kids are WAY more doomed in this sense than we ever were.

While he does roar on a fairly regular basis, this is the first time I have seen him in full face paint. Daycare took it upon themselves to just paint his face for the heck of it last week. I would have been SOOOO pissed if we had pictures scheduled or something, but we didn't. I was a little shocked when I first saw him, but they did a pretty good job!