surived the second week!

well, i survived the second week of school! i finally received my grade for my first paper, and I got 100%! I submitted my second paper tonight and we are moving into week three! I think I am probably spending way too much time on my papers right now, they are only 1-2 pages but I think I have put in about 7-9 hours on each one. Eeek! I suppose that will change as I get used to the process. Then again, I've always been a crazy perfectionist when it comes to my writing. The editing and revising process takes me FOREVER! At any rate, even though this is hard work I am learning new things and enjoying myself in the process. I think it's driving the BF a bit crazy not to have as much of my attention, but hopefully he gets used to that as well!

hope all of you mothers had a very happy mother's day!

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