long weekends rock

this weekend has been absolutely delightful...and i don't want it to end!

friday we were let off of work at 1:00, and a few co-workers and i enjoyed an early happy hour on the patio of a local establishment. (just one!) then i got a much needed hair cut and met some old work pals for yet another happy hour! came home afterwards and hung out and slept in with the bf.

saturday went to southdale and ate at the cheesecake factory with two of my favorite boys. (bf and b) had my beloved peach bellinis, a chicken soft taco, warm brown bread, pot stickers, crab cakes...yum yum yum. it's a good thing i don't live closer or i'd probably weigh 900 pounds in no time. i never would have associated the cheesecake factory with much more than well, cheesecake, until i tried it and became a huge fan of pretty much anything i've tried there. hello, my name is angie and yes, i am a chain restaurant worshiper. ; ) went shopping and to a movie at southdale as well. it was a lot of fun.

today we slept in, i did some things around the house and then we went to a friends place to grill, chat and watch a movie. it was relaxing and great to see friends we don't get together with often enough!

i really, really don't want this weekend to end. even though i have two short weeks and a business trip to chicago ahead of me, i feel just plain TIRED of work. it's been quite a while since i've had a REAL vacation, and i'm feeling it. knowing we have monday off is wonderful, but i need more time!

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