1st week of school is under my belt, including my 1st paper. yay!

getting new "Giant" bike as a mother's day present from the bf. should be ready this week!

managed to exercise daily last week and promptly end my streak over the weekend. ugh.

plan to start up again tonight. really, i do...

am enjoying a cinco de mayo themed food day at work today. yum!

currently listening to and loving the new tristan prettyman cd.

visited the living green expo at the mn state fairgrounds this weekend. bought two organic cotton baby blankets for gifts. awesome!

impatiently waiting for my surplus check. plan to use it to pay bills though that is not the original intended use. (it will take a lot more than $900 to stimulate me to spend more than what i owe on my credit cards.)

finally have some gorgeous weather, going out for a nice brisk walk with co-workers this afternoon.

currently obsessed with plants, though i have a brown thumb, zero plants in my house and one dying one at work. plan to go shopping for a little window herb garden and another plant or two for my desk. green things make me happy.

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