to add or not to add, that is the question

so yeah, i posted that smartass comment and article below. but i've been thinking a lot lately about how much of my life is online, especially since i am now taking online classes to earn my mba. i have a facebook page that i keep up with almost daily. i have this blog. i have my work blog. my whole job is pretty much centered on marketing a website. i do all of my banking online. i have three email accounts. i do much of my shopping online. i sell things on craigslist and ebay. news? either mpr in my car or online newspapers and new sites. and on and on...it's just crazy when i think about it!

today at lunch i caught myself talking about so and so's face book status, yada yada yada. it felt weird and geeky. it felt like...if i had heard someone else say it, i would have laughed my ass off! but in all seriousness, it is now a huge part of my life. my passion at work is ecommerce, and as a marketer i am always "on". what better way to gather ideas than on the world wide web?

the recent article about the blogger and former gawker writer probably helped to spark my thoughts on this, damn her. all of the crappy commenters really surprised me. like it or not, it is the wave of the future. i have formed awesome friends online that i have never met in person. maybe someday we'll actually organize a get-together so we can meet. or maybe we won't. either way i consider them friends and i care about their lives.

tonight i find myself pondering the ever important "should i add this person as a friend on facebook?" and this isn't the first time i've agonized over such a thing. again, i would laugh if i heard someone talking about it. but it happens! in this case it's a guy from high school. very nice, we traveled in packs that crossed paths now and then. he's really good friends with an ex boyfriend of mine. (when i was 16) i found him on another friend's page. i checked out his friends liar and saw that the ex is one of them. do i add him? do i not? why the hell does this even matter? why the hell am i even wasting time thinking about it?

oh, how the world has changed...


christina said...

i have had people make me sweat out my friend add to the point where i get a little schizo. like "why wouldn't shannon want to be friends with me? who cares if we were friends in elementary school until i kept ruining our shared saxophone lessons by not practicing and then we never talked again after 1989 ..."

facebook is so weird.

diatribes and dish said...

Facebook IS weird, which is why I err on the side of caution and play hard to get with the "will this be weird?" potential friends.

Angie said...

damn, i gave in and added. haven't heard back. why does that feel so stupid?!?

facebook sucks.

Worker Mommy said...

I have yet to give in to Facebook...I'm trying to keep myself from being totally addicted to everything online.

But I'm weak. I'm sure I'll succumb soon.

Andrea said...

I would've added, give it time. I've found that some people (unlike me) actually have a life outside this little electronic box :o)
Good Luck!

Whiskeymarie said...

I'm the worst Facebooker ever, so I probably would have said "nope".