success is so sweet

i worked out a ton (for me) today. first a very brisk 30 minute walk at work. then 40 minutes of intense cardio/strength training video at home tonight. i ate some junk at work today and was happy to see that even after logging my calories (i do this a few times a week) and my exercise, i burned enough to make up for the junk and keep a 600 calorie "deficit".

enter bf tonight at 9:30, french silk pie blizzard (my fave) in hand. guilts me into eating it. so much for the calorie deficit...

i have 11 pounds left to hit my long term goal. 2 pounds to hit my short term goal. most of all i just want to fit comfortably into my summer clothes. i am pretty much there now, so that's good. i've been managing to exercise regularly for a few weeks and it is making a difference. the trick will be to keep it up.

but...boys with blizzards could definitely undermine my progress!

and if it weren't for these damn minnesota winters, i wouldn't be putting on "winter weight" in the first place!

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Maurey said...

Life isn't worth living without an occasional Blizzard. Mine is Oreo. :-)